Oh frabjous day! Friday, Feb 9 2007 

Delight is mine! I have located a needlework store near my house that carries silk embroidery floss. I’m so pleased not to have to mail-order it sight unseen- it’s one thing to do with the black silk for blackwork, but for color matching you really have to be able to LOOK at the stuff.

If you’re here because you took my blackwork class at Saltare last week, welcome! I’m in the midst of moving and spiffing up my site, so I hope you can find everything. Please let me know if you have any feedback. I’d also love to get feedback on any of my classes that you’ve taken- I am always trying to improve them to make them more useful to you.


Current Project Update Tuesday, Mar 7 2006 

Completed project that will get an entry soon: 1 – wool tunic dress.

Long term project update: 1 – Italian camicia; sleeves cut and blackwork started.

New crafts: 3 – hand spinning, tablet weaving, illumination. One scroll painted, one ball of yarn spun, one tablet-woven band in progress.

Short term projects yet to be started: 4 – early period shift, self-supporting kirtle with corded skirt, blue silk noil gothic fitted dress, black and white Meridian heraldic sideless surcote.