So it’s been a busy couple of months here at Fuori Moda- most notably because I was getting married, which: yay! Unfortunately for the SCA crafts, though, all my spare time for a while went to wedding-related things.

 Once the wedding was over, though, it was time to turn my attention to my next upcoming projects: completing a Florentine 1480s outfit to wear to my apprenticeship ceremony (which was last weekend: yay!) and preparing a class and a scroll for an event that the Shire of Sol Haven is hosting this weekend.

 The dress went pretty well, and I will post pictures when I can. I had some difficulties with the sleeves but they were LEARNING difficulties, so that’s all right then. I think they will behave better if I

  1. Sew the seam closed at the top half of the arm rather than depending on lacing.
  2. use a single short lace for each pair of lacing rings, as ladder lacing makes the sleeve pucker when you try to pull it snug.
  3. Remember that when flat drafting a pattern you have to draw the seam allowances in afterward (oops!).
  4. Learn to tie those nifty Renaissance half-bows.
  5. Actually, teach my husband to tie those nifty Renaissance half-bows, as it is impossible to tie anything on the back of one’s own dominant arm.

Also, drafting the giornea, as simple as it was, actually gave me a hundred kinds of fits. I couldn’t get it to hang properly. Of course part of the problem is, it’s very difficult to drape without a dress form when your only assistant is a helpful-minded but not sewing-savvy guy. A scene:

Me: Honey, could you come here for a second?
Him: Sure, what do you need?
Me: Pin me right here!
Him: Where?
Me: See, here where I’m pinching? put the pin along the fold line.
Him: But I’ll stick you!
Me: Put it in horizontally.
Him: (silent attempts.) Ow! OK, there it is. I think.
Me: Thank you, sweetie. I think I can estimate from here.

 I should teach a class in Helping People Sew When You Don’t Sew Yourself.

 (This is not to say that Alric is not wonderful in every way and always willing to help, because he is. But still, I always feel bad asking him to lace me up, tie me off, pin me together, and help me out of various scraps of garb when he regards sewing as a fabulous and complicated enterprise, full of shiny sharp poky bits and things that are easy to ruin. The bottom line is, I need a dress form like crazy.)

 Anyhow, I’m currently hard at work on my first original scroll, for the rapier champion at Legends. It’s done in the Italian Ren style, in keeping with a Borgia-themed event, and I’m hoping it will turn out well. Of course it’s taking forever, but such is art! I did the calligraphy yesterday but I think I’ll be redoing it because I think I made the text too big. I’ll post pictures soon- I have a new digital camera now so I can do pictures again.

 I’m also teaching a class on maiolica at Legends. I’m hoping to enter some maiolica in Kingdom A&S next year.