Last week, a friend told me that HRH needed a standard, so that he could have a tournament to choose a standard-bearer at Coronation (the weekend of April 1.) Would I be interested in making said standard?

Well, I said, I’ve never done one before, but I’m happy to try.

She sent me the specs for the banner. It was to be in Roman style, 18″ square with white fringe at the bottom and a pocket at the top that would accommodate a 1.5″ pole. The design was to be the Kingdom arms. Blessedly, they didn’t want the laurel wreath part of the design, just the crown and stars.

The banner is made from heavyweight cotton twill. I cut three rectangles 7″ by 23″, two white and one black, and sewed them together. Result: a rectangle of fabric 19″ by 23″, with three vertical six-inch stripes, white, black, white, as in the Meridian arms. The extra fabric on top would be folded down to form the pocket for the pole.

I took the pattern from the Meridian website for the heraldic fighting tabards that have the crown and stars, and used a copy machine to reduce the motif to the right size. I transferred the design onto some of the white twill and used iron-on adhesive to bond it to the appropriate place on the black stripe of the banner. Then I went over all the edges with a satin stitch, done by hand with white cotton embroidery floss.

Once the applique was complete, I folded down the top of the panel and sewed it to itself, forming the pocket. Then a 19″ square of white twill was pinned, even with the bottom edge of the panel, right sides together. The length of fringe was pinned in between the layers, upside down. I stitched around all the edges but the top (where the pocket is.)

I turned the banner through the opening at the top and pressed to give a nice sharp edge. To finish the banner, I pressed the raw top edge of the backing piece under and stitched it down.

This picture shows the finished banner, fringe on the bottom and pocket on the top.